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Modern Kebaya of Indonesia

The style of kebaya in Indonesia has evolved for years. Kebaya is one of Indonesian’s traditional clothing. Lately kebaya become more popular even in international fashion. Usually people use kebaya in wedding ceremony, party, and formal event. Designers in Indonesia had used their skill to create some creation of  the design of kebaya. Nowadays, it’s called modern kebaya. Basically modern kebaya is the same as traditional kebaya, but modern kebaya has more variations of models. Not only for adults, modern kebaya also become a trend among teens.

My top designer of kebaya is Mrs. Anne Avantie. She is a famous designer in Indonesia and her creation is absolutely wonderful. Let’s take a look some of her designs:

kebaya av

kebaya av2

If you want to see more about kebaya of Anne Avanti, please click here

I also found some of beautiful collection, see below:

kebayaif you want to see more about this collection, click here

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